From the word go “ abayarangathilaga” grips you.  A none too recognizable figure of a man runs with confusion before finally sitting down helplessly with a help of a haunting music of strings and don’t relax yet.  It is followed by a melody the lyrics of which is sounding very similar: oh no it is from ponniyin selvan: alaikadalum: sung by poonguzali.. and yes the poonguzali comes in a small boat ably supported by a round of applause from the crowd. She “actually “ rows him across the seas of lanka to the shores of kodiakkarai of Tamilandu, only to be captured later by the soldiers of Chola Kingdom.

That’s a start you don’t expect in a Tamil Play.  And what follows is an hour exciting tale during the life and times of Raja Raja Chola – interspersed with a tinge of politics, humor, ofcourse romance and some song and dance too.

The grandness of the set is in its simplicity.  Mohanbabu has designed and delivered what the play demands with a great support from the lights handled by Mano-govind.  Importantly the sets were utilized well.

The cast is just superb and dynamic.  The choice of Rajaraja is befitting and so is Aniruddar.  The smallest roles have been given the right amount of chiseling.

Another lightening aspect is live musicians playing their part in the play – even interacting with other characters.

With some innovative writing by J Raghunathan and uncompromising production values thanks to Keerthi Mariappan, razor sharp direction of R. Giridharan gives us a surprise and yet very entertaining package in the form of theatre, rarely seen in Tamil Theatre circles.

Revealing anything more would spoil your experience. But wait.

There are enough cues for a sequel.



The Mission of  Theatre Marina is to encourage, enjoy and enhance understanding of ourselves through the shared experience of live theatre by producing new plays manifested by innovative interpretations that reflects and involves the present day society.

This theatre group was established in 2015and staged their maiden play titled undo at the Mylapore Fine Arts Club on September 25th 2015 and have travelled thus far and counting their latest project being Abhyarangathilaga to be staged in the month of July 2017.


 UNDO features two stories told in a non linear screenplay- one is about a scientist who invests in a time machine and the other story unfolds an answer to the interesting question put forth. “”What would have happened to the Kurukshetra war if Dronacharya had not asked for Ekalaiva’s thumb?”

Directed by Giridharan, Written by Sri Arunkumar and sets by Mohan Babu, the performance of the team exhibited the team’s mastery over the subject.


Theatre marina’s second venture in 2016 was ‘Four short Plays – Yet another and innovative step in theatrical plays. This one of a kind attempt was made boldly by the team in 2016.  Two plays written by Sri Arunkumar and the other two by veteran writer ‘Sujatha’’- dramatised by Jeyaraman Raghunathan dose associate to the writer himself.

The Audience were led by a live Jamming Musicians who doubled up as introducers to the play, ana experiment lapped up by the audience.


A responsible and thought provoking theatre enriches the society. Such theatre thrives upon sensible and understanding sponsors, patrons and philanthropists, who are willing to encourage the creative process in this fine art, ensuring the reach to the audience, resulting in a creative and a great social fabric.

We request a whole hearted support towards this initiative of Theatre Marina. Apart from fulfilling the social responsibility, the sponsors get to attract a wide range of audience with a personal connect and great loyalty. Theatre Marina will ensure maximum mileage through all advertisements, social media campaigns and on stage mentions.


Directed by R.Giridharan, who has 20 years wide experience in theatres, being the founder member of DUMMIES DRAMA, is energetic, guiding the young team with an uncompromising support from Mohanbabu through his well gained skill for over twenty five years on stagecraft and lighting design, music and sound design by Divakar Subramanian, an expert and innovative sound designer who runs SIFM, a school that teaches music technologies. The lights are provided and executed by Mano lights “Govind”. The Production is taken care by Keerthi.


Sets – Design and Execution: Mohan Babu

Lights: Mano

Musicians: Giridharan, Divakar, Prasanna and Ravi.

Backstage Management: Keerthi and Rama

Direction: R.Giridharan

ON STAGE : Team Theatre Marina

For Tickets Contact : 73977 53555

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