Mullu murukku or Muthusari.


I learnt this traditional recipe from my Amma. I never failed in making this, Muthusari or mullu murukku is very crispy with my amma’s measurements of rice and daal flours. It is a must savoury for Diwali at out home. Let us see how to make this.
Preparation time approx 45 to 1 hour minutes.
5 cups of rice flour. ( I used store bought idyappam powder)
1/2 cup urad daal powder.
1/2 cup yellow moong daal powder.
1/2 tsp asafoetidasalt to taste.
1 tsp jeera
2 tbsp butter ( at room temparature)
oil for deep frying
Dry fry urad daal till good aroma comes. Do not make it to brown colour. Powder this in a mixer grinder. Keep aside
Dry fry moon daal till it started changing colour. ( do not make it brown ). Powder this and keep aside.
In a deep bowl mix measured rice flour, daal powders, asafoetida, jeera , salt and butter. Butter should be at room temparature. Mix everything very well, Let the butter mix evenly.
Take a small portion from this and add little water and make dough like roti.
Using star blade fill the chakli press with this batter,
Heat oil. Keep the stove on medium. Press directly to oil or make small chakli in a oiled plastic or aluminium sheet and put this in oil.
Deep fry.
When one side is cooked flip it to other side. When the bubbles stopped and your chakkli will change colour. Take out and put in a strainer. store in an airtight container.