General Predictions – Mesham (Aries) [Stars : Ashwini 1,2,3,4 Barani 1,2,3,4 Kirthigai 1 quarters]

They get excellent opportunities from the community, political and the government if they intend to serve better. Some people may reach higher levels in education to be honoured like doctorate or scientist. Most of the time, no one can influence these people with any trick as they are able to find and crackdown anything with intuition power. Many under this sign would like to travel for goals or to reach target. Naturally brave hearted people. Also if Mars with Saturn are strong sometimes they become doctors. Many are sports personalities. Always maintains neat and clean policy in everything. May live around 85 to 90 years if maintains good health.  Lucky colours are red and white, stones are ruby and diamond, and numbers are 6 & 9.

General Predictions – Rishabam (Taurus) [Stars: Kirthigai 2,3,4 Rohini 1,2,3,4 Mirgasersham 1,2 quarters]

Family and core values are maintained at the most and wants to live luxury life though the financial is reasonable. Business or work; the performance always goes up and help others once they reach their goals. They can teach well and may become good professor sometimes. If maintains good health; people under this rasi may live 80 plus years. New inventions are achieved by these people many a time. Travel brings new opportunities and profits. Good family and children automatically blessed for these people with relatives support. Individual performers receives award in one or many fields for greatest achievements.  Lucky colours are white and green, stones are diamond and emerald, and numbers are 5 & 8.

General Predictions – Mithunam (Gemini) [Stars: Mirgasersham 3,4 Arudra 1,2,3,4 Punarvasu 1,2,3 quarters]

Most of the time, they are very enthusiastic and able to show love and affection to others. Personal life also not going to be boring for sure and keep the environment live. Sometimes of double-minded situations makes little confusion and can overcome easily by wisdom. Mithuna rasi people are good at taking care of their family well and can give the needful things better. Good health keeps these people 75 to 85 years happily with good status. Though the ups and downs disturbs sometimes with poor health; proper care and timely attention will help healthy living. Wealth flow to be continuous in life as mithuna rasi people always work hard and get the things done on time. Many people become famous writers and create history.  Lucky colours are green and white, stones are emerald and pearl, and numbers are 5 & 6.

General Predictions – Katagam (Cancer) [Stars: Punarvasu 4 Poosam 1,2,3,4 Aayilyam 1,2,3,4 quarters]

There is no missing in action concept for kataga rasi. Performance always reach new highs; in all the areas whatever under progress. More prosperity and abundance by birth or over period of time comes easily. If they write a single topic; become famous author. Basically all rounder quality exists for almost everyone in this rasi. Miraculously these people are neutral for most of the problems because they do not want to loose dignity and fame. General knowledge, experience, self confidence, helping tendency, growth, people management are good qualities of kataga rasi people. Easily adoptable under any difficult situation and overcome any tough situations. Lucky colours are white, blue and red, stones are red coral and ruby, and numbers are 1, 2 & 5.

General Predictions – Simmam (Leo) [Stars: Magam 1,2,3,4 Pooram 1,2,3,4 Uthiram 1 quarters]

Strong, fierce, bold, courageous, commanding in nature, strong-willed, enthusiastic, energetic and majestic in their lifestyles. Major health issues may affect sometimes. Proper diagnosis and treatment required if anything goes wrong on time. If health maintained properly they have 75 to 80 years of sure lifespan with divine blessings. Dance, cinema, political, writing, financial sectors, new business, medical, automobile, government sectors are the favourable areas. ‘Make hay while sun shines’ proverb suits well for simma rasi. Speculation brings profit in many cases and enmity also created along with. Lucky colours are red and yellow, stones are hessonites and yellow sapphire, and numbers are 1 & 9.

General Predictions – Kanni (Virgo) [Stars: Uthiram 2,3,4 Hastham 1,2,3,4 Chitirai 1,2 quarters]

Situation based decisions are the best appreciable for kanni rasi. No one can care their family like these people and their children will be pious. Speaking naturally proverbs for quoting any work to be done to make others perfect like them. Able to list out or write everything as expected or completed as a routine activity. Keep fit or fittest of the survival suits well for most of the kanni rasi people. They are able to withstand any uneven or odd situations to resolve at best with quiet mind & wisdom.  Lucky colours are green, yellow and white, stones are emerald, red coral and yellow sapphire, and numbers are 3, 5 & 6.

General Predictions – Thulam (Libra) [Stars: Chitirai 3,4 Swathi 1,2,3,4 Visakam 1,2,3 quarters]

Friend in need is a friend indeed’ proverb fits well for thula rasi as helps others by knowing their requirements. Carry work/ job pressure many times; but hard work and proving ability will bring them up in life. With good health people may live up to 80 to 85 years. Travel brings reasonable expectations; but they try to stay in their own place. Many a time excellent team coordination and team driven abilities are able to do any job completed beyond than the expected levels. Some thula rasi people perform well in the musical/ dance & singing areas if Venus placed well in horoscope.  Lucky colours are white, saffron and blue, stones are blue sapphire, cat’s eye, and numbers are 1, 6 & 9.

General Predictions – Virchagam (Scorpio) [Stars: Visakam 4, Anusham 1,2,3,4 Kettai 1,2,3,4 quarters]

Powerful new terms, policies & procedures can be defined by virchaga rasi people and able to run worldwide organisations easily to maintain everything on top. Individuals are so intelligent, motivated, who can contribute adequately to any project. Proper care and focused attention required for family matters. Be watchful with friends and know people always will try to grab something. ‘Prevention is better than cure’ proverb must be considered for health issues and caution required even if it is a small issue.  Lucky colours are yellow, blue and green, stones are yellow sapphire, pearl and blue sapphire, and numbers are 3 & 8.

General Predictions – Dhanusu (Sagittarius) [Stars: Moolam 1,2,3,4 Pooradam 1,2,3,4 Utradam 1 quarters]

Sudden luck and sudden hike possible; so keep the treasure safe for the entire life as occasionally you get chances like that. Expectations at high level may bring some people with others recommendations to win difficult situations in favour. Be thankful to others always for your achievements which will give further growth in life. Definitely need proper health care at the regular intervals.  Lucky colours are blue and green, stones are blue and emerald, and numbers are 5 & 8.

General Predictions – Makaram (Capricorn) [Stars: Utradam 2,3,4, Thiruvonam 1,2,3,4 Avitam 1,2 quarters]

Extraordinary abilities are cultivated by birth to makara rasi and they do miraculous achievements in any field. Patience, achievement, practical approach and security are their key words. Awards and rewards knock the door often. Most of them are blessed with a deep wisdom, understanding, stability and action from an early age. Many charity and organizations are run by makara rasi people who are ready to donate others. Self appraisal, self confidence, perfection, brave-heart, adventures, positive attitude, motivating others, public services are the greatest qualities.  Lucky colours are indigo, maroon and white, stones are red coral, hessonites and pearl, and numbers are 6 & 9.

General Predictions – Kumbam (Aquarius) [Starts: Avitam 3,4 Satayam 1,2,3,4 Puratathi 1,2,3 quarters]

Victory comes quite often if full skill and ability are shown by kumba rasi people. If proper focused attention and full dedication applied, they can do miracle in many areas. Clever and smart decisions will give greatest results and can come up with flying colours. More practical and keen eye too! Born tend to have a plenty of social charm, but true self esteem required to strike and cultivate relationships. Any output or results always depends on the input for sure. Regular astrological guidance is necessary for many areas. Lucky colours are yellow, red and green, stones are diamond, emerald, cat’s eye, and numbers are 1, 2 & 6.

General Predictions – Meenam (Pisces) [Stars: Puratathi 4, Uthratathi 1,2,3,4 Revathi 1,2,3,4 quarters]

Expect everything on time due to high discipline; sometime acts very well to reach higher levels in work or business. Tolerant, respectful and forgiving nature, also find it hard to change their set ways until someone helps to come out. Selfless, truthful, liberal, compassionate and concerned are additional qualities helps to get joyful and perfect life. Pisces-born are very sensitive, creative, intuitive. Accounts, audit, civil services, wholesale and retail, financial sectors, beauty and cosmetics, food and accommodation, jewellery, modelling, art, music, management, agriculture, contract/ lease, brokerages, reality, leadership are the main areas will make to shine in life.  Proper care needed! Lucky colours are indigo, blue and green, stones are pearl, red coral, and blue sapphire and, numbers are 2, 5 & 9.

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