Sri la Sri Meenakshi Sundaram Swamigal, fondly known as Siddar by all his followers


Chennai : Fascinated by his awesome share of knowledge, used to spend hours together at the ashram Those who came to him desperately seeking help, were never turned away – he would just say “Ask for what you want”, and then would bless them (like grant them) their wish Was very proud of his support and used to send many to him, and all used to be so content and rejuvenated with his smile. He was a very simple person.

One time there was my driver, who also happens to be a very close family friend and well wisher of ours – his son was suffering with a disease called Kawasaki – fever – followed by reduced immunity – followed by fingers of feet getting cut and falling off. The life was in danger, and all Sr. Drs. at a reputed hospital had given up hope……and we were asked to shift the child to the Govt. hospital…. The mother of the baby was hysterical, and me being a new mom then was scared stiff, and could not bear to see their pain, not unable to bear the shock that such things could happen to babies. I called up Siddar – weeping – asked him to save the life of the child. He told me ask the father/mother to call me. They did. He asked them to smash a coconut at the nearest Ganesh temple and uttered a few sentences, and said that child will live, his fingers will grow again, and he – the child – will be all brains.,we thanked him over the phone. Then the child was shifted to the Govt hospital. This happened in 2005, the child is still alive, and is a super brainy kid – with clear thoughts. (They were also interviewed by BBC and the parents mentioned their gratitude to the Divine, Siddar and the awesome mantra “Om Gilli Siva/Shiva”.

I used to be perplexed and during one of my visits to his ashram, told him, I am not leaving this time without learning the magic of granting boons.

“He smiled and said there is no magic. It is the simplest thing to do.
Just speak the truth.
Speak only the truth.
Then every word spoken by you becomes The Truth”

My gratitude ever lies with my beloved Siddar for guiding me. And today I felt like sharing his photograph. he was simple – very simple! Surya Namaskar Mantra, from Sri La Sri MeenakshiSundaramSwamigal. This mantra was a mantra given to his disciples by our beloved Siddar.

|| Om Gilli Siva ||
(For awakening of the consciousness without any fear, light removing unwanted darkness.)

This is a daily mantra to be done looking at the Sun between 6 am to 8 am , which is the one God you can see always approaching you and is visible to the eyes. Doing this for 5 mins daily after a bath looking into morning sun, .and then as many chants morn, noon and night to your hearts content to energise all the 108 nadi points in the body – this makes a huge shift in vibrations, bringing you to a wonderfully desired prosperous peaceful purposeful spiritual life -.with precision and progress with divine flow.

108 times in the morning 48 days, makes a shift in the planetary positions,, bringing about favourable changes in an individual’s horoscope.

108 times, three times a day – Material Abundance

108 times, 5 times a day – Spiritual Abundance

From Siddar – Sri La Sri MeenakshiSundaramSwamigal : For favourable outcomes from meetings.Going for an important meeting and are nervous about it. Need the meeting to go smooth and favorable. After a round of “Om Gilli Shiva”, chant. “GING GING NAMASHIVAYA” for 5 mins. This works for just about any meetings – whether it is an interview or a misunderstanding to be sorted out – and you need to be heard.

Article Writern By Sudha Ambikadas

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