Weekly Numerology From 08th August To 14th August 2017


Weekly Numerology From 08th August To 14th August 2017


School For De Soul Therapy OK, Welcomes you to this week, scientific personality profiling. There is a saying, Know Thy to Know Others – which means , knowing the qualities possessed by you will be the gate for you to know the world and others. Let’s see what’s in store in for each NUMBERS FOR THE WEEK 32.

NUMBER 1 – (01,10,19,28)

STRENGTH:- you are a Born leader, you can make the world to revolves around you. You are a person of very strong character, you possess highest creativity , you possess Good Management and Leadership skills, you love being Independent & commanding. You are Action result oriented. You have high Inventive& Creativity

CHALLENGES:- you become, Too authoritative , too demanding, you are adamant, you tend to boast too much, you lack flexibility, you tend to be Overly ambitious or high expectancy.

ONE:- You need to remain calm, focus on going deep within. It will be easier to control your emotions in any highly charged situation. Your commanding and negotiating skills will come very handy. A cool and objective approach will help you make the best decisions. Reach out to someone close who needs your assistance or advice.

NUMBER 2 – (02,11,20,29)

STRENGTH:- you Possess excellent analytical ability & Creativity. You have your own rules, goals and set own standards of life. You are a Self motivator of your own. You speaks precisely. You are Flexible. You play the Brilliant mind strategy.

CHALLENGES:- you are sentimental & emotional. Your Dependant nature make you sensitive & submissive. You change and Swings Easily. you lack courage & self confidence. You suffer a lot from Low self esteem. Your Inconsistency & bad discipline earns a bad reputation. You tend to Day dream a lot, you are very shallow Person.

TWO – You may have to balance your feelings of inferiority or insecurity. Don’t allow the jealousy and possessive to imbalance you. A more generous, trusting, and compassionate attitude brings the best results in any relationship.

NUMBER 3 – (03,12,21,30)

STRENGTH:- you are a Born leader & carries special DIVINE GRACE, you possess more divine blessings/ wisdom. You Prefers slow & Steady Growth . you Have charismatic personality, your words/speech/conversation carries special power. You are very Compassionate & man of principles , values. You Maintains discipline .you are a good natured , gentle and broad mind soul.

CHALLENGES:- you are very Emotional& impatience. You suffer from Poor Management of money. And Falls into the vicious trap of debts. Tends to be Very Conservative & lacks the will to change and adept. You tends to be very sentimental often.

THREE – You will be flooded with opportunities to shine. Friends, family, and co-workers will respond to your sincere and open attitude. Be strong and optimistic. This is a lucky week to be recognized for your creative imagination and willingness to help others. Spend as much time as possible doing those things you enjoy most. Expecting good results has a way of making your ideas come true.

NUMBER 4 – (04,13,22,31)

STRENGTH:- You are an Excellent communicator. You are Open-mind for change & growth. You are Practical and Generous, you are straight forward person, you are an excellent orator, you have charismatic personality. You can debate on almost anything. Your Deep analytical ability can make you see things in Unconventional way and bring solution from out of the box. You are a person of high Integrity. you likes to live life in a grand manner. If you can properly nurture yourself, you can raise to power or be a top most people person.

CHALLENGES:- You suffer from Ego. Your Secretive nature & rebellious personality pulls you into unwanted issue, you are highly impulsive& short-tempered . you are very Emotional. You Argue too much. You Lack diplomacy & planning.

FOUR- You may be feeling a strong desire to be the star of the show. This is absolutely possible if you can balance this powerful energy and not dominate others near you. Arguments are possible, but they have a way of clearing the air if you’re honest. Remember, you can make more progress with a big smile than you can by demanding cooperation at all costs.

NUMBER 5 – (05,14,23)

STRENGTH:- you are an Intelligent & witty person, you have strong will power, you are well planned and shrewd person, you have a loving charisma to attract people, you have the excellent gift of knowledge and wisdom especially on money rotation, investment from others.

CHALLENGES:- you sometimes have to battle with your own Dual nature, you tend to be cunning & secretive. You get into the habit of being too much hypo critical & sometimes behave very childish as well. You are inconsistent on money making ideas. You stuck into being very materialistic & easily falls prey to Speculation gambling. You suffer a lot coz of your Doubting nature & self esteem issue.

FIVE – You will have the time and space to express your views freely and with authority. The energy is strong and supports a desire for freedom and change. You’ll be happiest in situations that offer a great deal of variety. Travel is especially recommended. Friendships take first place over more practical, down-to-earth concerns. Volunteer your time to help others in any area where you want to make a difference.

NUMBER 6 – (06,15,24)

STRENGTH:- You are highly Intellectual & can Play brilliant Mind Strategy, you are very courageous, you tend to live life in grand way. You are compassionate and understanding person. You are very Religious. You are blessed with marital bliss. You carry the charisma to Attract wealthy & Business men. You can Connect with gurus. You are Blessed with the power to give birth to a prodigal son/daughter.

CHALLENGES:- you lacks will power. You are very Obstinate & unyielding. You should learn to balancing with contenting life. You should work on your Laziness. You are impulsive and emotional.

SIX – You’ll mix deep sensitivity to the energy around you with a deep concern for the welfare of your family. Trust your first instincts in any situation. Your inner voice is strong and true. Dreams can help you understand how you really feel about a particular situation. Your diplomatic skills are strong and you may be called upon to be a peacemaker. You can shine in creative projects. Time alone that includes music, prayer, or meditation can be especially rewarding.

NUMBER 7 – (07,16,25)

STRENGTH:- You are gifted with excellent Mindpowers. You are Inventive & intuitive person. You love the slow & steady approach. You are an Excellent communicator. You have the Magnetic Charisma. You are very straight forward person. You like Debating & in depth analysis. You can see things in Unconventional way. You Loves to live grand way. You have high Integrity.

CHALLENGES:- you tend to day Dream. Some time you behave in a Mysterious way. You fall into the web of Animosity, Self limiting doubts. unwanted fears about life. . You suffer from Inferiority complex & submissive nature. You suffer from small thinking or self esteem. You Lack discipline. You are very shallow Person & lazy .you lack consistency & being impatience. You tends to be quarrel some and criticize too much. You Lack courage & fighting spirit.

SEVEN:- You can be on an emotional roller coaster this week! You have a clear idea about what you want and need. At the same time, it may be difficult to share this when a need to protect your feelings is especially strong. It takes time to build trust, and if you don’t trust, you won’t be entirely open. The happiest times will be with your family close to home. Be very conservative with your money even if you’re feeling generous.

NUMBER 8 -(08,17,26)

STRENGTH:- you are a Knowledge treasure. You are Melancholic & meticulous . if harnessed well, you can go beyond any limit. You carry indepth Analytical thinking & creativity. You can be a path breaker or innovator or pioneer or reformer. You like to travels a lot. You love to keep meeting more new people. Your biggest strength is your keep learning Attitude. You like to Do in grand/ extravaganza. You carry lot of Noble qualities. You prefer Slow and steady approach. You are strong willed person.

CHALLENGES:- you prefers loneliness. You tend to extremists and not balanced. You needed to reminded about your powers and encourage to have big dream & do big things. You suffer from unwanted webs of Animosity, fear. And, it impact your willpower. You tend to be more Revolutionary & Rebellious. You should work on not being bogged into low level of thinking.

EIGHT – You’ll have the strength to work hard and be especially organized this week. The energy favors doing your homework in any subject of interest. Explore all your options before making a decision that will commit precious resources. You can give your all for another, but you need to be sure this is the best course. Sometimes doing nothing will lead to change while you save your money and time. Keep your sense of humor and find reasons to laugh!

NUMBER 9 – (09,18,27)

STRENGTH:- You are a great Warrior & intensive thinker. You are always full of energy and aggression. You carry the best Leadership qualities. You possess ROBUST NATURE. You are impulsive decision maker. You carry the dynamism & commanding skills. You are full of Courage & confidence. You like to be Independent . you have big heart and want to be more Service oriented. You are compassionate & kindhearted. You like to do larger than life cause.

CHALLENGES:- you get Angry easily and suffers from short temperament. You fall easily to negative web of circles. You goes into courting unnecessarily. Your Quarrelsome nature & sensitiveness will put you into lot of trouble often. You lack discipline in handling money & as well as other habits. You adamant nature will not want you to oblige anyone.

NINE:- You’re naturally lucky and restless. The energy this week supports a more serious and down-to-earth approach. Stay on schedule and make lists of what you want to accomplish. It would be wise to ignore distractions and avoid taking on extra assignments. Pay attention to your health and don’t delay necessary care. You may need to make some small but important changes to your eating habits. Consult professionals in any area you hope to protect or improve.

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