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Nov 14, 2017    –    Nov 20, 2017

ONE:- Be ready to change few things in your house, life. It will bring more harmony. Be Open mind. This week will open you towards unlimited possibilities of life. Patience is necessary.

TWO :- you are now in nurturing phase. You will be cultivating few good habits of what you posses (appreciation, patience, need to understand other’s). learning to plan more on investment towards your future. Learn to trust in the divine & surrender. Things will change when you evolve.

THREE :-Now is the time to get ready for growth, change. This week brings a positive transformation. You will be Learning to handle your emotions will give you will power, courage and adapting attitude to shape along with the flow

FOUR:- You may find a breakthrough in your relationship ( family, love, office). In this week, The energy will help you to soar high with hope and creativity. Get ready for a rebirth of love and hope. You will find renewed strength to win over in life once again. Wisdom advises acceptance. Work together to close one door and open another.

FIVE:- You’ll be filled with active physical energy this week. The energy you see in a group of happy dogs or child. A sense of joyful action will fill you with big hope & motivation. Team work will help you to prosper and achieve anything.

SIX:- you will gain confidence, strength to take control of life. Have faith that you can find practical solutions. The energy encourages you to be self-confident and proactive. This can help with work, home, and relationship challenges. It will make you even more attractive and successful.Avoid animosity or any negativity.

SEVEN:- Trust your intuition and analytical ability. Your charisma and patience will help you to find the much needed enthusiasm to move ahead in life. An unexpected opportunity appears and everything will be different.

EIGHT:- You will get insight & wisdom about where you are heading in life. This can mean moving to a new place or a sudden ultimatum. Often a major breakthrough is possible. It often brings new people into your life. Adopt an attitude of acceptance. You can cope.

NINE:-  Go with the flow of life. Trust the divine nature. connection. This week  brings you hope and quiet satisfaction. Love can spark a feeling of being close to all living creatures. Simple pleasures, animals, and time in the country serve you well.

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