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ONE: Be ready for excited and high energy flow this week. You need to learn to be more relaxed and calmer to channel those energy effectively and efficiently.

TWO: Make use of your mental and emotional strength to bring the best out of your potential. You will enjoy the most happiest , luckiest week. Use your charms, and good energy to finish the long pending deals or negotiations. Plan well for your long term goals.

THREE : You’re in a strong position this week. Your vitality and confidence are high. Enjoy feelings of deep affection for those you love. You might be more possessive than usual. Keep things in perspective. A dreamy energy opens unconscious inspiration later this week. Enjoy music, romance, or watching favorite movies. Upsets are possible if you insist on everything proceeding according to plan. Accept unexpected changes with good grace. This is a powerful weekend for sorting this out.

FOUR: You have every reason to feel confident. You can succeed when taking risks or accepting physical challenges. Midweek brings happy social contacts. Make use of your communication skills and teachable attitude to your best.

FIVE: You will find the much needed encouragement and strength to reflect from the past and amend new set of rules, regulations and gear up for the newer beginning. Enjoy the coziness or warmth from the love of your loved ones or from your trusted friends.

SIX : Much awaited break or passing times with the family or re union is coming. Let loose those unwanted baggages. Be open minded and ready for a surprise

SEVEN: Your cautious and curious nature will help you foresee the upcoming change in job and life.your open heartedness will attract the like minded people and get things done. Reach out to find a new love or cherish your sweetheart.

EIGHT: Harness your energy to hit the target. Your meticulous and melancholic style of approach will help you in getting lot more things done in a effective manner. Cautious, steady approach will give you helping hand. Get ready for big projects which are coming your way.

NINE: A person of empathy will fetch larger than life rewards. Great progress or new growth can be expected in family & work. Be calm, learn to laugh at your silly mistakes. Take a break and spend time with nature.

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