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 ONE: There will be lot of scope to exhibit your creativity. With patience, you can easily find workable solutions for complex problems. Use your good management, leadership and multi taksing thing while making decision on investment or buying.
 TWO : Revive the love in relationship. Reach out for those who miss you or whom you are missing. Expect to enjoy friendship, love, and support for your creative vision. The energy brings an easy flow you can use to your advantage. Team projects can be challenging and as well as open doors of opportunity.
 THREE : Your compassionate, and inquiring attitude will help you find lot of insights on work, life. Use your witty nature while speaking or expressing your point. Circumstances will be leading you to consider spiritual values and themes. Your persistence, speaking from heart will give you more opportunity to improve your work situation.

 FOUR :This is one of those weeks when almost everything should move in your favor. Stressful things that have been worrying you will be easier to manage. Take advantage of good advice and say yes to any new opening. Stay in close touch with people who share your interests. Say what you think. Step up and find support for a cause that will benefit the community. Your days can be infused with courage and a wealth of original ideas.
 Five : Focus on channeling the creative energy to use your intelligence, Wisdom to encourage you on making a heartfelt decision.. This weekend can bring a breakthrough after endless waiting. If you’re finally fed up, you may be open to discovering what truly makes life satisfying and meaningful. Friends can help you begin to bring your dreams into reality.

 SIX : This week will be action packed and high-energy. Stressful events of the past months will continue to present a challenge. You’ll continue to balance unexpected and powerful events. You can find help if you ask. You’ll enjoy the company and support of friends. They’ll help you keep things in perspective. Your down-to-earth attitude can see you stubbornly digging to your happiness.
SEVEN : Your intuition and inventive nature will help you on important issues on life like career, family, relationship. This can bring an important opening in a close relationship. Your Optimism, kindness to people and animals, and flexibility will become your best skills for coping. Some will be chasing a dream. There can be arguments at home.
 EIGHT :  Be prepared for busy week. Your patience, listening skills will be sharpened. Go with the flow. Be with the present moment. You will be filled lot of joy, happiness in love, family. Use your analytical ability and drew inspiration to get ahead in life.
NINE : Plan a happy reunion with family and with your loved ones. Trust your instinct and be courageous. Your ability to be devoted, true, and a rock-solid source of common sense is invaluable. Relax and enjoy simple pleasures as a way to unwind.

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