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ONE: You will discover new path or be guided to a newer dimension of life. Revalidate your personality. You will get support from your trusted ones. You will explore your management skills. Be open minded for growth.

TWO: your mental power and analytical skills will be sharpened. Be ready to collaborate. Motivate and exercise to grasp the unseen or hidden opportunities of life.

THREE: You will be filled much awaited peace, calmness, joy, happiness. You will find strength to handle more work with ease and serenity. Your patience will help you to gain insights & importance of principles like grateful, counting the blessings. Cultivate the habit of offering prayer, chanting mantra, exercise, meditation, gardening , walking .

FOUR: Spend time on yoga, exercise. Make use of the best energy which is showering on you. Use your words & charismatic personality effectively. Spend time with your family, loved ones. Trust your debating and analytical ability on setting goals.

FIVE: The intellectual and witty part of you will attract the right people. Enjoy the current moment of life with gratitude, rejoice in small small moments of happiness. You will have a great time in social gathering or get together.

SIX: Your will power, courageous attitude will take you to newer height. Dare to be involved with some sporting activities or with nature. It will bring out the best in you. Enjoy the romance from your family and loved ones. This is a wonderful week to try something different

SEVEN: Go with the flow. As a seeker of truth, dig within to find the lessons of life. You will marvel at the art of surrendering and taking steps on faith. Do yoga, reading , walking to help you to approach life or given task in an innovative way. Embrace the regrouping or get together.

EIGHT: You will have interesting and eventful week. You will have high energy with happy ending, surprises. You will realize how much you are loved and more precious than you might realize. Make plans for an exciting and bright future.

NINE: your dynamic , commanding nature will get through important and monumental task also. Take time to spend with nature to rejuvenate.

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