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ONE: you will realize that you are needed everywhere , both in family, job. Your management skills will be tested. Be calm, harmonized and balanced.

TWO: Honesty is the best policy. You will be given more platform to exhibit your majestic and geniuses as well. You will learn an important lessons for your life. Remember, ATTITUDE DETERMINES YOUR ALTITUDE.

THREE: This is a week of discovering more about yourself. You will find lot more inspiring ideas flowing through you. you can plan to do some dip. Course or learn anything new. Remember, your life will become more colorful especially when you add colors of love and light to others. Balance your personal time , fitness, business.

FOUR: you will be fascinated by occult, metaphysics, spirituality and leadership. SEEK within to leap high and free.connect freely with others.social gathering or event will bring much awaited break through.

FIVE: There are no accidents it is only co-incidence. You will learn on how to balance between adventurous, spirited, joyful and yet be grounded, humble and not be carried away of complexities by your emotions.

SIX: CHALLENGES brings the best CHANGE from you. Diplomatic, dynamic approach is the need of the hour for you. You will learn the difference between losing a battle or losing a war.

SEVEN: Resilience brings out the excellence from you. Be open minded , ( parachute) for change. Balancing is going to be the key on growth.

EIGHT: Crane story. Explore, exhibit and excel with your talents. Your patience, wait and watch game is going to get you benefits this week. Flow free. Fly high.

NINE:  Aram cheia virumbu, doing the right deeds. People may come to you seeking help and advice. This is good time to redecorate and rearrange things if you have extra time

Let’s see what’s in Store in For Each NUMBERS FOR THE WEEK -10

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