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NUMBERS FOR THE WEEK – 11 (13 March 19 )

ONE:- Get set for the new and exciting beginning this week.don shy away from exploring your passionate work.with determination and optimism as your wings, you will be unstoppable.

Two:- Your confidence and execution will be at the highest brilliance. New possibilities and inspiration will flow through you in abundance. Evaluate well before executing it.

Three :- it’s time for you to release those brake and go in full swing. Excitement, newer possibilities are in store ahead in this week. Live fully and be passionate every second

FOUR:- This week, you’ll be able to look to the future and plan a long-term project. Start the process and get everything in place. You’ll be able to visualize your goals with ease and make them happen. This will be a time of progress and development. Believe in yourself and move forward with confidence. There could be positive changes in your personal situation under this influence. New opportunities will help to make things happen.

FIVE:- It’s Time for refreshing, rejuvenation. It will fill your soul and mind with spirit of joy and wisdom. Meditation and calmness will be vital while guiding you on taking important decision of life.slow and steady wins the race.

SIX:- With the tides and winds both on your favor. Begin new or start those special thing which you have been post phoning all your life. Your co workers will be amazed by your sudden light and vibes emitted out from you. BE INSPIRED AND INSPIRE AS WELL OTHERS.

SEVEN:- Trust your inner voice to guide you in the right direction.more and innovative ideas will lead you to find solution on solving major issues of your life. Use your analytical powers well.

EIGHT:- You need a break from the routine and go within. Meditate or go solitude. It will open you upto a whole new level of thinking , intuition and dimension. Use the power and energy by focusing and channelizing the task. You have a naturally inventive mind that will be generating lots of great ideas.

NINE:-This week, you’ll be in a position to guide and counsel others and share your wisdom. You may think that you don’t have anything to offer, but you never know what will inspire someone else. This is a good time to set aside your own agenda and focus mainly on other people and what you can do to help. Working collaboratively in creative groups will be very rewarding and enhance your own development.

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